Weekend tide times for March
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Weekend tide times for March

Please see below for launching and tide times throughout March:

Saturday 1st March:
HW: 1140 6.2m
LW: 1739 0.0m
Sunday 2nd March:
HW: 1229 6.3m
LW: 1823 -0.1m
On Saturday, we will launch and recover from 8.00am until 3.30pm and on Sunday, it will be 8.00am until 4.30pm.

Saturday 8th March:
HW: 01646 4.7m
LW: 1010 1.3m
Sunday 9th March:
HW: 1749 4.3m
LW: 1106 1.7m
On Saturday there will be no launches or recoveries until midday (approximately)and for Sunday, we have a window between 8 and 9am, we will then resume at 1pm.

Saturday 15th March:
HW: 1105 5.4m
LW: 1705 0.7m
Sunday 16th March:
HW: 1135 5.5m
LW: 1742 0.6m
Launching until 3pm on Saturday, and until about 4pm on Sunday.

Saturday 22nd March:
HW: 1508 5.4m
LW: 0848 0.7m
Sunday 23rd March:
HW: 1559 5.1m
LW: 0937 1.0m
First launch on Saturday is 10.30am, Sunday it is approximately 11.30. Last recovery on both days is 4.45pm. 

Saturday 29th March:
HW:1035 5.8m
LW:1634 0.2m
Sunday 30th March:
HW: 1224 6.0m
LW: 1818 0.1m
Launching and recovering on Saturday will occur until 2.30pm. CLOCKS GO FORWARD ON SUNDAY MORNING!!! On Sunday, you will have most of the day as the last recovery is not until after 4pm.