Tide times for May 14
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Tide times for May 14

If you're looking at tides in the Littlehampton Harbour Board booklet, don't forget to add an hour for BST.
Please see below for launching and tide times throughout May 2014:

Saturday 3rd May:
LW: 0824 0.6m
HW: 1455 5.5m
Sunday 4th May:
LW: 0900 0.8m
HW: 1531 5.3m
Monday 5th May:
LW: 0939 1.1m
HW: 1613 5.0m
On Saturday, we will launch and recover from approximately half past 10 until 4.45pm. On Sunday, this is pushed back until just after 11 and on Monday, it is 11.45 until last recovery at 4.45.

Saturday 10th May:
HW: 0838 4.5m
LW: 1455 1.5m
Sunday 12th May:
HW: 1015 5.1m
LW: 1626 1.0m
On Saturday we will be launching all the way through until 2pm, whereas on Sunday we get an extra 45 minutes. Last recovery will be at 1.45pm.

Saturday 17th May:
LW: 0730 0.3m
HW: 1350 5.9m
Sunday 18th May:
LW: 0815 0.3m
HW: 1437 5.8m
Saturday - first launch 9.30, last recovery 4.45pm. Sunday - First launch 10.15, again last recovery is 4.45pm.

Saturday 24th May:
HW: 0829 4.9m
LW: 1432 1.0m
Sunday 25th May:
HW: 0931 5.1m
LW: 1528 0.9m
On Saturday, I'm afraid we can only launch and recover until just after midday. Low water is not at a good time! Sunday, we seems to be able to get an hour more. Last recovery is at 1.30pm approximately. 

Saturday 31st May:
LW: 0727 0.6m
HW: 1358 5.6m
Sunday 1st June:
LW: 0803 0.7m
HW: 1434 5.5m
First launch on Saturday is 9.30, last recovery is 4.45pm. On Sunday, it's all the way through from 10am.

Boat Park customers - if the weather and tides are good, don't forget to book your free overnight mooring.