Tide times for Littlehampton Marina - October 2014
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Tide times for Littlehampton Marina - October 2014

Saturday 4th October:
HW: 0813 4.8m
LW: 1419 1.5m
Sunday 5th October:
HW 0920 5.3m
LW: 1523 1.0m
Mornings are good this weekend, launching from 8am both days. There will be no launching or recovering for approximately 2 hours either side of low water but bear in mind we have pretty good neap tides this weekend so might not be as restrictive as this.

Saturday 11th October:
LW: 0731 0.3m
HW: 1401 6.2m
Sunday 12th October:
LW: 0812 0.5m
HW: 1440 5.9m
First launch is 0930 on Saturday and 1010 on Sunday. Last recovery on both days is 1645.

Saturday 18th October:
HW: 0746 4.4m
LW: 1418 2.0m
Sunday 19th October:
HW: 0907 4.7m
LW: 1513 1.6m
There will be no launching from approximately 1230 until 1630 on Saturday and from 1315 onwards on Sunday. Like the first weekend of the month, we have neap tides so should turn out to be a bit better than forecast. No promises!!

Saturday 25th October:
HW: 0634 0.7m
HW: 1243 5.9m
Sunday 26th October:
LW: 0606 0.7m
HW: 1218 5.9m
On Saturday we are launching from 0830 all through the day until 1645. REMEMBER THE CLOCKS GO BACK ON SATURDAY NIGHT!! On Sunday, we're launching from just after 0815 through until 1615. THE EVENINGS WILL SUDDENLY BE A LOT DARKER....!!

If you would like to stay on our moorings over night, please just give us a call on 01903 713553 and we'll get this organised for you.