Tide times for June 2014
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Tide times for June 2014

I think I can speak for everyone when I say we all need a period of decent weather and good tides. Now, I can't control either and we don't know what the weather is going to do but let's have a look at the tides for June:

Saturday 31st May:
LW: 0727 0.6m
HW: 1358 5.6m
Sunday 1st June:
LW: 0803 0.7m
HW: 1434 5.5m
First launch on Saturday is 9.30, last recovery is 4.45pm. On Sunday, it's all the way through from 10am.

Saturday 7th June:
LW: 1247 1.6m
HW: 0647 4.4m and 1922 4.6m
Sunday 8th June:
LW: 1352 1.6m
HW: 0751 4.5m
On Saturday, we have a split day; we are able to launch from the start until about 11am as we have Neap tides and then there is a three hour window at the end of the day.On Sunday, there is an extra hour in the morning, reducing launches and recoveries to approximately a one hour period at the end of the day. Once again, last recovery is 5.45pm.

Saturday 14th June:
HW: 1253 6.0m
LW: 1853 0.4m
Sunday 15th June:
HW: 1343 6.0m
LW: 1941 0.4m
On Saturday we will be launching all the way through the day from 8.30am until 5pm. Push those times back by 50 minutes and that's what is happening on Sunday.

Saturday 21st June:
HW: 0644 4.9m
LW: 1257 1.1m
Sunday 22nd June:
HW: 0754 4.8m
LW: 1403 1.2m
This is not a great weekend for those wanting a quick spin out as Low Water is in the middle of the day, perhaps we will see some more dive groups? Saturday, we will be launching 8-11am and then from 3-5.45pm. Sunday, it's an hour later - 8-midday and then 4 - 5.45pm.

Saturday 28th June:
HW: 1303 5.6m
LW: 0631 0.7m and 1848 0.8m
Sunday 29th June:
HW: 1340 5.6m
LW: 0707 0.7m
On Saturday, we will be able to use the slipway from 8.30am until 5pm and on sunday from 9am until 5.30. Let's make the most of it!