Next weekend's tide times...
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Next weekend's tide times...

Look out for weekly reports of the tide times for the following weekend. Remember to allow approximately 2 hours either side of low water before launching or recovering.

Friday 20th December:

0102 5.6m  0652 0.9m  1306 5.5m  1912 0.8m (Launching/Recovering from 9.00am)

Saturday 21st December:

0131 5.6m  0726 1.0m  1335 5.4m  1947 0.9m (Launching/Recovering from 9.30am)

Sunday 22nd December:

0200 5.4m  0802 1.1m  1407  5.3m  2021 1.1m (Launching/Recovering from 10.00am)