March (already?!) tide times...
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March (already?!) tide times...

Saturday 7th March:
LW: 0600 0.6m
HW: 1219 5.6m
Sunday 8th March:
LW: 0633 0.6m
LW: 1244 5.6m
First launch on Saturday is at 8am and 8.30am on Sunday. Last recovery is 4.45pm both days.

Saturday 14th March :
LW: 1033 1.5m
HW: 1658 4.5m
Sunday 15th March:
HW: 0544 4.4m
LW: 1201 1.6m
First launch both days is at 8am. On Saturday, we have no launches and recoveries between approximately 9am and midday whilst on Sunday it's between 10.30 and 1.30pm.

Saturday 21st March:
HW: 1153 6.4m
LW: 1749 -0.2m
Sunday 22nd March:
LW: 0611 -0.1m
HW: 1240 6.4m
First launch on Saturday is at 8.00am and on Sunday it's 8.15am. Launching all day until just after 4pm.

Saturday 28th March:
LW: 1111 1.7m
LW: 1742 4.4m
Sunday 29th March:
HW: 0712 4.2m
LW: 1354 1.7m
There is a window at the start of Saturday to launch and seeing as it is a weekend of neap tides, it's unlikely that we'll need the full two hours either side of low water on either day. I'm sure also, we will get to recover late on the Sunday too.

If you would like to stay on our moorings over night, please call us on 01903 713553 and we'll get this organised for you