Last one of the year ... December launching times
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Last one of the year ... December launching times

Given that I failed in my attempt to do this every month (November evaded me for some reason - ooops), please see below for December launching times for the slipway here at Littlehampton Marina:


Saturday 5th December:
HW: 0612 4.6m
LW: 1231 1.9m
Sunday 6th December:
HW: 0714 4.7m
LW: 1339 1.7m
Launching both days from 8am. On Saturday we'll stop between 10.30 and 14.30 whilst on Sunday its 11.40 and 15.40. Neap tides so it might mean it's less than this but hard to be sure.  Last recovery at 16.45.

Saturday 12th December:
HW: 1129 5.8m
LW: 1740 0.7m
Sunday 11th October:
HW: 1206 5.8m
LW: 1816 0.7m
Launching through until 1540 on Saturday and 1415 Sunday. 0800 start!!!

Saturday 19th December:
LW: 1057 1.3m
HW: 1717 4.9m
Sunday 20th December:
HW: 0600 5.1m
LW: 1213 1.3m
10am start on Saturday, 1040 on Sunday. Then it's all the way through until the end of the day at 1745.

Saturday 26th December:
Sunday 27th December:
LW: 0558 0.6m
HW: 1224 6.0m
Christmas opening hours mean first launch at 1000 on Sunday and last recovery at 15.45.
For use of the slipway over Christmas, please note that apart from the three Bank Holidays when the site is closed, we will be operating Christmas hours which are 10am until 4pm. Normal hours resume Saturday 2nd January.
For further clarification on any of our launching times, please do not hesitate to call or email
If you would like to stay on our moorings over night, please call us on 01903 713553 and we'll get this organised for you.