July weekend tide times
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July weekend tide times

Better late than never but here are the launching times for weekends in July:

Saturday 5th July:
LW: 1121 1.4m
HW: 1742 4.8m
Sunday 6th July:
LW: 1217 1.5m
HW: 1844 4.7m
First launch on both days is 8am, last recovery 5.45pm. No launches/recoveries approximately 2 hours either side of low water.

Saturday 12th July:
HW: 1219 5.9m
LW: 0556 0.4m and 1821 0.4m
Sunday 13th July:
LW: 0645 0.2m and 1909 0.3m
HW: 13.11 6.1m
On Saturday, we are launching all the way through from 8am until 4.30pm and on Sunday, it'll be 45 minutes later.

Saturday 19th July:
LW: 1149 0.9m
HW: 1813 5.3m
Sunday 20th July:
HW: 0640 4.9m and 1910 5.0m
LW: 1251 1.2m
On Saturday we can launch from first thing until about 10 o'clock, we then start again around 2pm through until 5.45pm. Sunday is approximately an hour later in the day. First launch is still 8am and last recovery 5.45pm.

Saturday 26th July:
HW: 1236 5.5m
LW: 1823 0.9m
Sunday 27th July:
HW: 1313 5.6m
LW: 1859 0.8m
Providing we have good weather, this should be a good day for many. First launch on both days is at 8am with last recovery at 4.30pm on Saturday and 5.00pm on Sunday.

Don't forget to book an overnight mooring to make the most of the summer weather!