July weekend tide times
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July weekend tide times

After failing miserably for the last two months to get the tide times up on here, I am back with July's. Here goes:

Saturday 2nd July:
HW: 1013 5.4m
LW: 1613 0.7m
Sunday 3rd July:
HW: 1108 5.6m
LW: 1705 0.5m
First launch on both days is 8.00am, last recovery on Saturday is 1415 and on Sunday it is 1505.

Saturday 9th July:
LW: 0912 0.7m
HW: 1546 5.6m
Sunday 10th July:
LW: 0951 0.7m
HW: 1626 5.3m
First launch on Saturday is 1110, Sunday it's 1151 (although you may be able to squeeze out at 8.00am). Last recovery is 1745 both days. Remember we're open until 1800 everyday until end of August.

Saturday 16th July:
HW: 0920 4.6m
LW: 1540 1.5m
Sunday 17th July:
HW: 1013 4.9m
LW: 1628 1.3m
Launching starts at 0800 on both days. Last launch/recovery is at 1745 on Saturday. On Sunday, theoretically, last recovery should be at 1430. Neap tides often allow for a little more flexibility.

Saturday 23rd July:
LW: 0806 0.4m
HW: 1426 5.9m
Sunday 24th July:
LW: 0848 0.5m
HW: 1509 5.8m
First launch on Saturday is 1ooo, on Sunday it is 1050. Last recovery both days is 1745.

Saturday 30th July:
HW 0857 4.9m
LW: 1502 1.2m
Sunday 31st July:
HW: 1005 5.2m
LW: 1602 1.0m
First launch both days is 0800. No launching between 1300 and 1500 on Saturday and on Sunday the last recovery is at 1400.

For any further details or to book an overnight mooring, please call us on 01903 713553.