January 2016...yes 2016 weekend tide times
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January 2016...yes 2016 weekend tide times

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL!! We hope to see you here at the marina at some stage over the year. As usual, here are the launching times for the weekends in January:

Saturday 2nd January:
LW: 1012 1.6m
HW: 1643 4.5m
Sunday 3rd January:
LW: 1111 1.8m
HW: 1745 4.4m
First launch on Saturday is at 1210 and we are going through until 4.45pm. On Sunday we have an opportunity to go out first thing for an hour and then we start at 1310. Fingers crossed for a good start to 2016!

Saturday 9th January:
HW: 1027 5.7m
LW: 1644 0.7m
Sunday 10th January:
HW: 1109 5.8m
LW: 1722 0.6m
First launch both days at 0800. Last recovery on Saturday is 1445 and Sunday 1520.

Saturday 16th January:
LW: 0928 0.9m
HW: 1543 5.4m
Sunday 17th January:
LW: 1031 1.1m
HW: 1646 5.1m
1130 start on Saturday, 1230 on Sunday. Then it's all the way through until the end of the day at 1645.

Saturday 23rd January:
HW: 1044 5.7m
LW: 1641 0.5m
Sunday 24th January:
HW: 1129 5.8m
LW: 1724 0.4m
Launching from 0800, last recovery 1440 on Saturday and 1525 on Sunday.

Saturday 30th January:
LW: 0844 1.1m
HW: 1455 5.1m
Sunday 31st January:
LW: 0926 1.4m
HW: 1533 4.8m
Launching from 1045 on Saturday and 1130 on Sunday all the way through to 16.45.
For any further details or to book an overnight mooring, please call us on 01903 713553.