February 2016 tide times
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February 2016 tide times

Remember, 29 days in February this year!!!
Saturday 6th February:
HW: 0921 5.2m
LW: 1539 1.0m
Sunday 7th February:
HW: 1006 5.6m
LW: 1621 0.6m
First launch on both days is 8.00am, last recovery on Saturday is 1340 and on Sunday, 1420.

Saturday 13th February:
LW: 0818 0.4m
HW: 1434 5.9m
Sunday 14th February:
LW: 0907 0.6m
HW: 1524 5.6m
First launch on Saturday is 1020, Sunday it's 1100. Last recovery is 1645 both days.

Saturday 20th February:
HW: 0945 5.3m
LW: 1542 0.8m
Sunday 21st February:
HW: 1033 5.5m
LW: 1626 0.6m
Launching starts at 0800 on both days. Last recovery is 1340 on Saturday and 1425 on Sunday. 

Saturday 27th February:
LW: 0738 0.7m
HW: 1349 5.4m
Sunday 28th February:
LW: 0809 0.9m
HW: 1417 5.3m
First launch on Saturday is 0940, last recovery is 1645. On Sunday it's 1010 and 1645 respectively. 

For any further details or to book an overnight mooring, please call us on 01903 713553.