December and January weekend tide times
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December and January weekend tide times

Given that it will be Christmas before we know it and there is so much going on at the moment, I thought I would let you know our launching times throughout December and January (just in case I forget!). I hope that we get some weekends of good weather to compensate for recent conditions.

Saturday 6th December:
HW: 1053 5.9m
LW: 1651 0.5m
Sunday 7th December:
HW: 1135 5.9m
LW: 1735 0.5m
First launch on both days is at 8am. Last recovery is approximately 3pm on Saturday and 3.35pm on Sunday.

Saturday 13th December:
LW: 0905 1.5m
HW: 1519 4.8m
Sunday 14th December:
LW: 0957 1.7m
HW: 1615 4.5
First launch is 1105 on Saturday and 1200 on Sunday. Last recovery on both days is 1645, although by this time it's dark! We might be able to start launching a little earlier as we have neap tides.

Saturday 20th December:
HW: 0932 5.6m
LW: 1546 0.9m
Sunday 21st December:
HW: 1015 5.8m
LW: 1628 0.6m
Remember, it's approximately two hours either side of low water that we can't launch from so on Saturday, first launch is at 0800 and last recovery is 1345. On Sunday, again we can launch from the outset but last recovery is extended until 1530.

Saturday 27th December:
LW: 0843 0.7m
HW: 1459 5.6m
Sunday 28th December:
LW: 0941 0.9m
HW: 1558 5.3m
This weekend will suit those who have indulged over Christmas; there are no really early starts as we have low water first thing. Launching starts at 1045 on Saturday and 1145 on Sunday. Last recovery is at 1645 on both days.

Saturday 3rd January:
HW: 0951 5.5m
LW: 1553 0.8m
Sunday 4th January:
HW: 1038 5.6m
LW: 1637 0.7m
Launching commences at 0800 on Saturday and Sunday and stops at 1400 on Saturday whilst on Sunday we get an extra 40 minutes or so.

Saturday 10th January:
LW: 0755 1.0m
HW: 1405 5.3m
Sunday 11th January:
LW: 0832 1.2m
HW: 1438 5.1m
First launch on Saturday is 1000 whilst on Sunday it is at 1030. Remember no launching approximately two hours either side of low water. Last recovery on both days is 1645.

Saturday 17th January:
HW: 0816 5.0m
LW: 1427 1.3m
Sunday 18th January:
HW: 0908 5.4m
LW: 1521 0.9m
First launch both days is 0800. Last recovery on Saturday is 1230 (although there may possibly be a gap if you come down when it's dark at the end of the day). Last recovery is 1320 on Sunday.

Saturday 24th January:
LW: 0738 0.3m
HW: 1357 6.1m
Sunday 25th January:
LW: 0826 0.4m
HW: 1445 5.9m
First launch on Saturday is 0945 whilst on Sunday it is 1030. Last recovery on both days is 1645.

Saturday 31st January:
LW: 0843 4.8m
HW: 1447 1.2m
Sunday 1st February:
LW: 0938 5.1
HW: 1538 1.0m
Launches start at 0800 and stop at 1247 on Saturday and 1340 on Sunday.

If you would like to stay on our moorings over night, please just give us a call on 01903 713553 and we'll get this organised for you.