Fuel Prices for June

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Fuel Prices for June

There will be no changes to fuel prices in June. Namely, they will be £0.85, £1.15 and £1.45 per litre for Red Diesel, Diesel 60/40 and Unleaded.read more »

New fuel prices

As from 1st May 2014, the price of our unleaded and diesel has changed. They are as follows: 60/40 = £1.15 per litre Diesel (not for road use) = £0.85 per litre Unleaded = £1.45 per litreread more »

April 2014 Tide times

If you're looking at tides in the Littlehampton Harbour Board booklet, don't forget to add an hour for BST. Please see below for launching and tide times throughout April: Saturday 5th April:LW: 0955 0.9mHW: 1627 5.2mSunday 6th April:LW: 1035 1.2mHW: 1713 4.8mOn Saturday, we will launch and recover from midday until... read more »

Current Fuel Prices - 17.01.14

To see our latest prices for unleaded and diesel, go to New and Events. Red Diesel: £0.88 per litre Diesel: 60/40 £1.18 per litre Unleaded: £1.51 per litreread more »

Accessibility Information

The Littlehampton Marina cares that their website is accessible to all and welcomes visitors of all races, religions and abilities. This page is to give you information on what aids this website offers for people with a disability. It also explains how the WC3 Accessibility Guidelines I.O and 2.O have... read more »

Terms & Conditions

Terms, Conditions and Privacy for the Littlehampton Marina website Last Updated: December 2013 Introduction This web site is owned and run by Littlehampton Marina website This website was designed by Access –by Design, http://www.access-bydesign.com This document governs the terms and conditions of the use of the services and the privacy provided on the Littlehampton... read more »