Mooring Tariff 2014/2015
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Mooring Tariff 2014/2015


Annual Mooring
01/04/14 - 31/03/15Payment in full by 31/03/14£350 per metre
Payment by 10 s.o Apr - Jan£380 per metre

Seasonal Mooring
01/04/14 - 30/09/14Payment in full by 31/03/14£294 per metre
Payment by 5 s.o Apr - Aug£310 per metre

Adjusted Mooring
01/07/14 - 31/03/15Payment in full on arrival£300 per metre
01/09/14 - 31/03/15Payment in full on arrival£200 per metre
01/11/14 - 31/03/15Payment in full on arrival£110 per metre

Restricted Mooring
A limited number of berths for boats up to 5.5m are available where access is restricted by tides.
01/04/14 - 31/03/15Payment in full by 31/03/14£240 per metre
01/04/14 - 30/09/14Payment in full by 31/03/14£205 per metre

Daily Mooring
The cost of mooring daily on our pontoons is £2.80 per metre.

Trailer Storage
Available to Marina mooring customers only. Payment in full by 31/03/14.
Daily up to 8 metres£7.00 per day
Up to 7 metres£305 per annum
7 metres - 8.5 metres£435 per annum
8.5 metres - 10 metres£535 per annum

SURCHARGE FOR COMMERCIAL USE: Where craft are used as charter boats or any other commercial basis, then a 5% surcharge will be applied. All prices include VAT.

Surcharge for Commercial Use
Where craft are used as charter boats or for any other commercial basis, then a 5% surcharge will be applied.


Notes to Mooring Charges

  1. Your craft will be measured to include all fixed appendages e.g. bow-sprits and davits will be included on any craft, outboard engines in the "up"position will be included on any powered craft. We charge you for the measured length only.
  2. Your agreement with us entitiles you to keep the craft either in the water on its mooring or on our hard-standing.We will cahrge you for any lifting but not for winter storage if on an annual agreement. Storage ashore is not included for craft on restricted moorings.
  3. We agree to provide you with a mooring. We do not guarantee to provide you with the same mooring throughout but it is not in our interest to move you unnecessarily. If your craft is away from its mooring fro any period we may use this berth for other craft but would endeavour to ensure it is vacant on your return.
  4. Electricity is not included in your agreement unless you have requested and paid for it. It is not, in anay event, to be used for heating purposes.
  5. Your craft must be insured to operate from our marina and we must have proof of insurance on file.
  6. If you have left a trailer with us for storage, please ensure that it is well marked either with your name or the name of the craft.
  7. Ensure that you have read our berthing terms and conditions which form part of the document that you will be asked to sign. In particular, please note that you will be signing an agreement for a fixed period of time irrespective of whether your craft is on site or not. We do not give refunds for periods that your craft is not with us.
  8. If you have any queries, please contact the Marina Office. Any variations to our terms and conditions must be put to you in writing if they are to have effect.
  9. Harbour Dues are separately assessed and paid to Littlehampton Harbour Board.