Lifting and Miscellaneous Charges
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Lifting and Miscellaneous Charges

Casual Slipping
Weekday Launch£17.50
Weekday Recovery£17.50
Weekend/Bank Holiday Launch£20.00
Weekend/Bank Holiday Recovery£20.00

Boat Lift with Operator
Lift out and Chock UpUp to 8 metres: £19.00 per metre
Over 8 metres: £20.00 per metre
Re-launchUp to 8 metres: £19.00 per metre
Over 8 metres: £20.00 per metre
Lift out, Steam Clean off Hull and Relaunch on same tide£18.00 per metre
Lift out on last tide, hold overnight and re-launch on the first tide the following day£190.00
Relift or yard movement in cradle£70.00

Forklift (with Operator)£70.00 per hour
Marina Steam Clean off of hull£4.90 per metre
Marina Scrape off of hull£4.40 per metre
(For heavily fouled hulls, the marina reserves the right to add a surcharge for additional work.)
Recovery on own trailer by marina staff£40.00

Charges will be levied on overall length of craft including all fixed appendages.

Notice to all customers
Any lifting operations that are cancelled within 24 hours will be charged in full.