Boat Park Tariff 2014/2015
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Boat Park Tariff 2014/2015

Boat Park Agreements

Entitlement to remain in our boat parks includes the following:

  • Storage throughout the agreed period
  • Launch and recovery at no extra charge during marina operating hours
  • 24 hour security

DOES NOT include overnight stays on the moorings.


Annual Boat ParkOption 1*Option 2*
01/04/14 - 31/03/15Payment in full by 31/03/14 £230 per metre£250 per metre
Payment by 10 s.o APR - JAN £250 per metre£275 per metre

Seasonal Boat Park
01/04/14 - 30/09/14Payment in full by 31/03/14 £197 per metre£218 per metre
Payment by 5 s.o APR - AUG£207 per metre£227 per metre

Adjusted Boat Park
01/06/14 - 31/03/15 Payment in full on arrival£180 per metre£204 per metre
01/07/14 - 31/03/15Payment in full on arrival£175 per metre£198 per metre
01/09/14 - 31/03/15 Payment in full on arrival£132 per metre£154 per metre
01/10/14 - 31/03/15 Payment in full on arrival£95 per metre£117 per metre
01/11/14 - 31/03/15Payment in full on arrival£67 per metre£88 per metre

Daily/Weekly/Summer Boat Park Storage
01/04/14 - 31/03/15 £2.50 per metre (per day)
Daily Summer Storage (Hardstanding)
01/04/14 - 30/09/14£2.50 per metre (per day)
Daily Winter Storage (Hardstanding)
01/10/14 - 31/03/15 £5.50 per metre (per week)

Recovery on own trailer by Littlehampton Marina staff£24.00


Notes to Boat Park Charges

  • Your craft will be measured to include all fixed appendages e.g. outboard engines in the "up" position will be included on powered craft. We charge you for the measured length only.
  • Your agreement with us entitles you to keep the craft in our boat parks. We include in your fee all launches and recoveries that you may require with our hours of operation.
  • You may not leave your craft overnight on our moorings. You may, however, purchase an overnight mooring from the Marina Office (subject to availability). Craft left overnight must be recovered the following day. If that is inconvenient, then if keys are available, you may purchase a Marina Reovery (£24 inc vat for our staff to reover your craft, rinse off the hull, replace its covrer and return to the boat park N.B. unless requested in writing, the bung would be left in).
  • Electricity is not included in your agreement. Should you need to work on your craft, then it can be moved to the hard-standing. The craft remains in your care until it returns to the boat park.
  • Your craft must be insured to operate from the marina and we must have proof of insurance on file.
  • Your craft's trailer must be clearly marked with either your own name or the name of your boat. Trailers must be serviceable.
  • Ensure that you have read our berthing terms and conditions which form part of the document you will be asked to sign. In particular, please note that you will be signing an agreement for a fixed period of time irrespective of whether your craft is on site or not. We do not give refunds for periods that you craft is not with us.
  • If you have any queries, please contact our reception. Any variations to our terms and conditions must be put to you in writing if they are to have effect.
  • Harbour Dues are separately assessed and paid to Littlehampton Harbour Board. Please visit for more details.
  • *Boat Park Option 1: Boats placed in our showroom compound.
  • ** Boat Park Option 2: Boats placed in out slipway compound.