August tide times
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August tide times

Saturday 6th August:
LW: 0805 0.5m
HW: 1440 5.8m
Sunday 7th August:
LW: 0842 0.7m
HW: 1515 5.6m
First launch on  Saturday is 10.00am and 10.45 on Sunday. Last recovery both days is 5.45pm.

Saturday 13th August:
HW: 0742 4.3m
LW: 1343 1.9m
Sunday 14th August:
HW: 0847 4.5m
LW: 1504 1.7m
First launch both days is at 8.00am, whilst on Saturday we have a theoretical break between 1145 and 1545. On Sunday, this break is between 1300 and 1700. Strong neap tides so it may not be so bad, keep checking back with us.

Saturday 20th August:
LW: 0705 0.3m
HW: 1325 6.1m
Sunday 21st August:
LW: 0747 0.2m
HW: 1408 6.1m
Launching starts at 0900 on Saturday and 0945 on Sunday. Last recovery on Saturday is 1730 approx whilst on Sunday, we can carry on until the end at 1745.

Saturday 27th August:
HW: 0721 4.6m
LW: 1336 1.5m
Sunday 28th August:
HW: 0849 4.7m
LW: 1451 1.4m
Bank Holiday Monday 29th August:
HW: 0959 5.1m
LW: 1552 1.2m
First launch on all three days is 0800. We've got a gap between 1130 and 1530 on Saturday and we stop for the day on Sunday at 1300 and on Monday just before 1400. Remember our times are estimates, we can't control the moon!!!
As is always the case, if you have any questions or think I've made an error, please do get in touch. If you want to book an overnight mooring, please do give the office a call on 01903 713553.