August tide times for Littlehampton
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August tide times for Littlehampton

We've had some wonderful weather recently, let's hope that the good weather continues and that tides look good for the weekends so that you can make the most of your boat. Let's have a look at the tide times during August:

Saturday 2nd August:
LW: 0928 1.0m
HW: 1547 5.3m
Sunday 3rd August:
LW: 1006 1.2m
HW: 1630 5.1m
With low water being at the start of each day, first launch on Saturday is approximately 1030 with an 1100 start the next day. Last recovery is at 1745 both days.

Saturday 9th August:
HW: 1044 5.6m
LW: 1648 0.7m
Sunday 10th August:
HW: 1137 6.0m
HW: 1736 0.4m
On Saturday, we are launching all the way through from 8am until 3pm and on Sunday, it'll be roughly 35 minutes later.

Saturday 16th August:
LW: 0955 0.6m
HW: 1620 5.7m
Sunday 17th August:
LW: 1043 1.0m
HW: 1709 5.3m
First launch Saturday is midday, last recovery 1745. On Sunday, there is a small window at the beginning of the day until about 0900 and we have a four hour break until 1300.

Saturday 23rd August:
HW: 1105 5.2m
LW: 1654 1.1m
Sunday 24th August:
HW: 1144 5.6m
LW: 1731 0.9m
Bank Holiday Monday 25th August
HW: 1219 5.6m
LW: 1806
0800 starts on both weekend days. Last recovery 1500 on Saturday and 1530 on Sunday. Monday gives the best day in terms of being out for the day so let's hope the weather is good for the long weekend.

Saturday 30th August:
LW: 0827 0.8m
HW: 1441 5.6m
Sunday 31st August:
LW: 0856 0.9m
HW: 1516 5.5m
1030 is when we commence launching on Saturday with the last recovery being 1745. On Sunday, first launch is 1100 and again, last recovery is 1745.

If you would like to stay on our moorings over night, please just give us a call on 01903 713553 and we'll get this organised for you.