April 16 Tide Times
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April 16 Tide Times

Now that the evenings are lighter, let's see what the tides are doing for the weekends in April:
Saturday 2nd April:
HW: 0716 4.3m
LW: 1318 1.7m
Sunday 3rd April:
HW: 0832 4.6m
LW: 1440 1.4m
First launch on both days is 8.00am, last recovery on Saturday is 1645 and on Sunday, 1645. On Saturday, we'll have a few hours between 1115 and  1515 where there are no launches available and on Sunday its 1240 - 1640.

Saturday 9th April:
LW: 0708 -0.1m
HW: 1335 6.3m
Sunday 10th April:
LW: 0755 0.0m
HW: 1421 6.2m
First launch on Saturday is 0910, Sunday it's 1000. Last recovery is 1645 both days.

Saturday 16th April :
HW: 0742 4.3m
LW: 1405 1.5m
Sunday 17th April:
HW: 0907 4.5m
LW: 1506 1.3m
Launching starts at 0800 on both days. No L or R between midday and 1600 on Saturday whilst last recovery on Sunday is at 1300.

Saturday 23rd  April:
HW: 1305 5.6m
LW: 1858 0.6m
Sunday 24th April:
LW: 0714 0.6m
HW: 1329 5.6m
First launch on Saturday is 0800, Sunday its 0915. Last recovery both days 1645.

Saturday 30th April:
LW: 1119 1.5m
HW: 1653 4.6m
Sunday 1st May:
HW: 0632 4.4m
LW: 1241 1.5m
First launch both days is 0800. No launching between 0920 and 1320 on Saturday and 1040 and 1440 on Sunday. Last recovery is 1645.

For any further details or to book an overnight mooring, please call us on 01903 713553.